Camila Cabello shows off her bikini curves with a photo in Dominican Republic

Camilla Cabello started 2022 traveling back and forth, experiencing different climates. Although the last few days the Cuban singer has been enjoying the snow in Montana (United States), she previously spent a few days in the Dominican Republic, from which she didn’t share photos until now because she was “living life”.

The Instagram wall of the interpreter of “Havana” was filled with winter images in the last hours, but among so many pictures in the snow, one in which she appears in a bikini has snuck in. A snapshot that was taken on a yacht in the Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic where the singer was until a few days ago.

“I didn’t post pictures because I had the hashtag living the life, but I was in the Dominican Republic. Baby, let’s go to a teteo,” she commented, unleashing an avalanche of compliments and compliments from her followers.

In the image, Camila appears without makeup, completely natural and with her hair in the wind. In the background, a beautiful sunset.

And before this image thousands of fans did not hesitate to dedicate an endless number of compliments to the singer for her beauty and the great body she has.

And if there is something that characterizes Camila Cabello is the spontaneity and naturalness with which she shows herself in her social networks and in real life. Which has not always been a reason for applause.

Last year, the artist raised her voice in a plea that went viral in defense of real bodies after she was showered with criticism for some photos taken of her while walking in sportswear on the street.

“I was wearing a top that shows my belly and I wasn’t disguising it – because I was running and existing as a normal person who doesn’t stick her belly in all the time!” she commented.

“I’m grateful that this body lets me do what I have to do. We are real women with curves and cellulite and stretch marks and fat. And we have to accept that,” she added in her powerful message.

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