Coldplay asked to recycle materials after their concert in Dominican Republic

On March 22, the British band Coldplay will perform for the first time in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; however, it has made a series of demands related to the environment to carry out the concert.

The above is due to the fact that the group made it known in 2019 that they would put a pause to their world tours until they figured out how to make them more beneficial to the environment and it was in 2021 that they announced they would do “sustainable” concerts.

“We have been planning this tour for many years and we are very excited to be able to play in front of you again. At the same time we are very aware that the planet is suffering from a climate crisis. We have spent two years talking to environmental experts to make this tour as sustainable as possible,” the British band said in a statement last year.

In this way, they demanded the organizers of their next presentation in the Dominican Republic to recycle the plastic, cardboard and other waste materials generated during March 22.

In addition, the promoter Saymon Diaz, said that all the material used behind the stage will be made of glass or cardboard, he also added that “Coldplay has arranged to install a computer that records all fuel consumption per hour and liters, to have a basis for energy savings”.

These details were included in the contract signed for the concert, which will be part of the “Music of the Spheres” tour, reported EFE news agency. Thus, all suppliers must submit a plan on what they will do with the waste at the end of the concert.

These plans will also be supervised by the British group; however, the promoter told the agency that they had hired a company to ensure that everything goes as planned by Coldplay.

With these measures, based on a sustainable model, they seek to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent during their tour, which will also pass through the United States, Mexico, Germany, Poland, France, Scotland, England and Brazil.


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