Dominican gamer among the best gamers in Latin America

Dominican video game influencer Julio Sarita, better known as “DomiDios” (Domi Hack), is considered one of the three best FreeFire players in Latin America.

Sarita has represented his flag since its inception, continues to demonstrate the level of competitiveness that exists in his country, because, the young promise of “gaming”, of 35 tournaments in which he has participated, has won 30 of them in first place. In addition, he is considered the best in his modality of 1 versus 1, which has earned him worldwide respect in his area. Currently, he enjoys his streak of 1,009 wins and 12 losses.

The also content creator for YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, recently turned down being on a Brazilian professional team where he would receive USD$25,000 to play.

“The reason why he turned it down, is that he has the hope that, in Dominican Republic, an esports originates where talented Dominicans are supported to grow,” his representatives explained in a press release.

Currently “DomiDios” is enjoying the FiveM platform, where many people meet every day in the so-called roleplay servers based on one of the most successful video games in history, GTA V.

The Dominican server called “Curazao RP” is where the influencer plays his character, you can enjoy his content on his Twitch platform and reached 1M subscribers in a month and a half. In addition, he has the recognition of all Creoles who play this game.



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