El Alfa to kick off its world tour at the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium

The year 2022 has not yet arrived and the urban exponent El Alfa announced one of his new New Year’s goals: to fill the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium.

The information was released by the artist himself in an interview for Alofoke Radio Show, where he revealed that his world tour will start in this stadium in the Dominican Republic with a capacity of 50 thousand people.

The tour intends to cover all of Latin America, a large part of Europe, among other great places in the world.

When asked if he considers himself the leader of the Dominican urban movement, the artist said: “I am the leader in my home, I only consider myself a guide for the boys of the Dominican Republic to achieve success, not the leader”. He also added: “That sounds good when someone else says it, I have fourteen years of career doing the same thing and so far I have not changed, it has been for the better”.

The interpreter of “Curazao” assured that the experience lived at Madison Square Garden has transformed him, convinced that he simply must continue to improve as a person and professional.

“After sharing with my ten guests at MSG I learned that I must love all my colleagues in the genre. In 2015 I asked God for wisdom, and from that moment on my life changed drastically, all for the better,” he pointed out.

His vision and best song
“I consider myself a visionary person. At the beginning of my career I used to tell my team not to worry, to just let me work. When I did the Palacio de los Deportes I had no support from any brand. I stopped playing in nightclubs to focus on key stages. I am my own investor and record label. All big risks have big rewards,” he said.

When asked about his best song, without thinking too much, he listed “La Romana” as the most important song of his career, thanking Bad Bunny for motivating him to make his best dembow so far, for his friendship and good advice.

According to his vision, dembow in a few years will be the most exported music in the country.

My greatest happiness today is to share my experiences in music. None of the urban artists of the DR in my beginnings gave me advice, but I like to help”.

Finally, El Alfa emphasized that his greatest weakness is his family. When he arrives home, the artist rests and there is only his father and husband. He says that for him the education of his children is a key part of the satisfaction of being a father. He also admits that although his vice is fashion, he is not a lover of money, he prefers to retire from music before sacrificing his family.

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