First images of the collaboration between Rosalía and Tokischa

Spanish singer Rosalía joins Dominican Tokischa in a collaboration that the Spaniard already announced during an interview with producer Santiago Matías “Alofoke”, while she was vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

The Catalan, has posted some pictures on her Instagram account, which seem to be the images of the shooting of her next music video.

Rosalía and Tokischa: all about their next collaboration
“What we have done with Tokischa we did in an afternoon. There are songs that make sense and others that do not. My mother was asking me about my new album, but there are albums that are made in a couple of months and others that take two, three or four years,” she confessed a few days ago in the interview.

“She is an irreverent woman, she is a woman who speaks directly, who speaks loudly and that makes people uncomfortable and Tokischa is a woman who will break heavy just because of the message she has for what she represents. She is a woman who makes people uncomfortable and women when they don’t do the right thing make people seem uncomfortable”.

Her words did not go unnoticed among some followers who were looking forward to the arrival of new projects by the Catalan. And said and done, because the images that have been leaked on social networks have triggered a wave of comments praising the future union between Rosalía and Tokischa.

The interpreter of “Malamente” is usually quite enigmatic every time she publishes a tweet on her profile, so no one was surprised that Rosalía published the following word: “LINDA”. What was the message of this term? Many doubted what it could mean, until Tokischa herself mentioned the publication with another message: “Yo toy Rulin”. And boom, the hype was on.

The two were interacting publicly while a video of their possible music video went viral like wildfire.

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