“Kooza”, a challenge to the physical capacity of Cirque Du Soleil artists

When talking about a Cirque Du Soleil show, adjectives such as “bombastic”, “magical”, “impressive”, are not able to define what is experienced by those who have the opportunity to enjoy it.

This is because the physical capacity of the artists who are part of “Kooza”, of this circus group based in Canada, show simply extraordinary capabilities.

This show began its series of presentations this weekend in its big top installed in Punta Cana, eastern Dominican Republic, and will continue until April 10, with performances from Friday to Sunday.

The show begins with the character called the Innocent, who tries to fly a kite, without succeeding, as if looking for the illusion, the magic that life should have, something that with the wonder of this assembly, will be achieved.

The traditional circus acts, such as tightrope walkers, clowns or jugglers, are placed at another level in this show, reaching extremes of skill that surprise the most demanding spectator.

To the physical abilities is added the creativity for the realization of the artifacts in which the acrobatics were performed, exceptional works of engineering.

Although each of the numbers had its highlight, the acrobats who performed the maneuvers on a rotating piece, was the most extreme moment.

With complete control of physics, the large artifact was moved by the artists themselves, who performed maneuvers that took the breath away from the audience, who applauded every moment of “Kooza”.

The show was also enhanced by the live music of a band of instrumentalists and a singer, capable of adding emotion to the moments experienced by the circus artists.

This production, directed by David Shiner, premiered on April 19, 2007 in Montreal, Canada. The show, which has been enjoyed by some 7.5 million people, explores themes of loneliness and the sacred by bringing together two circus traditions: acrobatic performances and the art of clowning.

Featuring 50 floor performers, Kooza has a colorful mix of the most slapstick humor.

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