“La Mujer puerca” opens the 2022 theatrical billboard

The play “La Mujer Puerca” by Argentine author Santiago Loza, will be presented for the first time in the Dominican Republic by a winning team that has had this project in its sights for more than seven years, which will be presented on January 21 at the Ravelo Hall of the National Theater.

Produced by Hony Estrella and Los Otros, starring Judith Rodríguez and directed by Vicente Santos, this drama brimming with black humor tells the story of an orphan woman on her wandering journey in search of her place in the world. A woman who has lived to achieve sainthood, without achieving it because she has a “Puerca” nature, worldly and earthly.

Judith Rodríguez (La Mujer Puerca), and with the participation of Stuart Ortiz (El Viejo), make up the extraordinary cast of the play, which also enjoys in the technical part of great professionals of the national art, such as: José Andrés Molina (Music), Fidel López (Scenography), Ernesto López (Lighting Design), among many other important talents.

For Hony, producing this work represents a deepening of her proposal as an artist and creator, moving social layers through art, which strengthens her commitment to it and her public voice.

On the other hand, Judith, after three years without stepping on the stage, said: “Returning to the theater has been a way to return to myself as an artist and performer, to rediscover the magic and the fear of feeling and making a live audience feel. I am full of illusion”.

Its director, Vicente Santos, has already had “at his mercy” these two artists, achieving incredible results (La Leyenda del Comodín and his Barbie Dolls), preceding him the quality of his proposal as director and stage management, with irreverent and transgressive stagings, which impact the viewer.

The play “La Mujer Puerca” announces two weekends at the Ravelo, with performances on January 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29 and 30. Tickets are on sale now at Uepa Tickets and the National Theater box office.

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