Mercenario Musik bets everything on music in the DR

With more than 20 years in the Dominican Republic and with a trajectory that enjoys the recognition of the entire artistic environment, the Austrian Ralph Leitner, better known as Mercenario Musik, does not lose heart and continues to bet on music from important signings with new talents, to a nightclub that sells out a large agenda of presentations of national and international artists.

Mercenario Musik has been fully involved with urban music and has worked with great international artists such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin, and Vico C, as well as national artists, among them: Musicólogo, Shelow Shaq, Mark B, Martha Heredia among others.

He has also been for years the headliner of the main artistic events of Hard Rock Café Santo Domingo.

“I have been in this urban world because I am a crazy dreamer and I like the difficult, when nobody believes it I believe it, for example my new artist, Damaris nobody believes in that project, well I do believe and I go all out with her,” said Mercenario.

He currently manages the career of DamarisCRS, a new artist who has been growing and stands out for her particular voice and style and has been accepted positively by the public.

“I want to take my artist to the Latin Grammy Awards and I know that with hard work we will achieve it,” he said.

Mercenario Musik is also the owner of the nightclub “Blue Live Club”, located in Blue Mall, the most exclusive plaza in Santo Domingo and has his music studio with his partners Akon, Juan Magan and Nacho from where the great ideas that he carries out are born.

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