Natti Natasha wants to get married in Dominican Republic

Dominican singer Natti Natasha and her fiancé, businessman Raphy Pina (Pina Récords) talked about their wedding plans and how the birth of Vida Isabelle on May 22nd changed their lives.

Although they have not announced a date or location, one thing that is clear to the singer of “Criminal” is that she wants to get married in her country, the Dominican Republic. “I’m going to enjoy that wedding to the fullest. Let everyone drink and enjoy,” she said in an exclusive interview with People en Español from the mansion she shares with Pina in Miami.

Natti was born and raised in Santiago de los Caballeros, so she has plenty of options to choose from in Quisqueya.

After becoming parents to Vida their connection is even stronger. “We have always been very close, but there is a tenderness, there is something else,” she expresses about her partner in the interview with People en Español.

“We already had the chemistry, the love, the fireworks, but to experience with the person you love having a baby is a joy. You admire him more,” she said about Pina, who is very active on social networks and shows day-to-day life with his three teenage children, Natti and Vida Isabelle.

The little girl is the darling of the house. The 34-year-old reguetonera defines Mia, Monty and Chingui, Pina’s children, as “the best siblings in the world”.

“When I met her she completed me in a way that nothing in life was going to complete me,” Natti says of her baby. “She filled me up.”

“There’s a point that when you keep achieving goals, there’s a personal happiness that’s missing,” the singer said of her desire to become a mother, a process she underwent fertility treatment for, but fortunately ended up pregnant naturally.

In February 2021, before announcing the pregnancy, Raphy proposed to Natti with a huge diamond ring.

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