Premiere of the film “Sol en el Agua” by director Francisco Adolfo Valdez

Lantica Media is releasing this Thursday, August 12, the film “Sol en el Agua”, a psychological thriller directed by Francisco Adolfo Valdez, which has already traveled to several international festivals and that bets on a genre not so explored in the Dominican Republic.

The film, shot at Pinewood Dominican Republic studios, tells the story of “Sol”, a young woman who must discover in her subconscious why she wakes up handcuffed in a sinister hospital bed without knowing the people around her, without remembering who she is or how she got there.

“Sol en el Agua is a very interesting proposal that is worth seeing on the big screen, it is a psychological thriller with a reduced cast, but very talented, where the viewer has to go into the minds of the characters to understand what is really happening. I am very excited that we can finally reach theaters, with the corresponding distancing measures, after the restrictions we had due to the curfew,” said Francisco Valdez, director and writer of the film.

The feature film stars Camila Santana, who had made her big screen debut with Francisco Valdez in “De Pez en Cuando” (2014) and she is accompanied by a cast that includes Frank Perozo, Judith Rodríguez, Josué Guerrero, Stephany Liriano, María del Mar Pérez, Alejandro Durán, Roger Wasserman and Amaury Pérez.

“The character of Sol was a challenge that I took on with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of physical and mental preparation. We shot at night for hours underwater in the Pinewood water tank and other very strong scenes where Sol tries to escape from the situation she is living with her body and mind,” said Camila Santana, star of the film.

Sol en el Agua is produced by Rafael Elías Muñoz and Humberto Castellanos for Lantica Media, and was an official selection for the Buenos Aires Film Festival 2019, 37th Chicago Latino Film Festival, Prague Film Awards 2020 and the Dominican Film Festival in New York 2020.

Francisco Valdez, Amauris Pérez, Stephany Liriano, Roger Wasserman, Camila Santana, María del Mar, Josué Guerrero, Judith Rodríguez, Alejandro Durán and Rafael Elías Muñoz.



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