Radio is coming to Spotify! New feature to use music as a DJ

Old becomes trendy when it is considered vintage, and although radio has not disappeared, its audience has decreased considerably due to better streaming alternatives -without ads- such as YouTube, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, among others. Of the characteristics that define this media, the use of copyrighted music underneath the voice while the announcer makes his usual interventions stands out.

Since each broadcaster acquires the copyrights, there is no problem with making use of the songs; however, for the current content creators it turns out to be a serious problem, since the capital (or income) is not enough to make use of famous compositions and attract the listener’s attention.

As a solution to this unforeseen situation, Spotify announces the official worldwide launch of “Music + Talk”, a feature that will allow content creators to make use of famous songs without running the risk of their content being removed for the use of unauthorized music.

Music + Talk is only available to registered users of the podcast creation and hosting platform, where a list of more than 70 million tracks is available. In addition, the creator can add songs interactively while recording an episode, just like on the radio when the announcer intervenes; listeners can see the segments, which ones are spoken and others dedicated to music.

The test phase proved to be a success in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Spotify Premium, likewise, continues to have features that make a difference. For those subscribed to this service can listen to the full songs, while others listen to a 30-second preview.

To promote this tool, the streaming platform will launch a series of programs: “Music + Talk: Unlocked”, which explains the details of the service for content creators and also the various ways of adaptation.

Spotify is expanding like wildfire

Spotify has arrived to add more users every day; the Swedish company has more than 445 million monthly active users around the globe. Its closest competitor is Apple Music.

The Swedish company is the favorite in Latin America, reaching almost 63 million active subscribers. The highest number of Spotify music content downloads on mobile devices, around 1.5 million, corresponds to Brazil. Followed by Mexico with more than 1.1 million downloads, these data are from June 2020.

In 2013, Spotify arrived in the Dominican Republic. There were one million active Dominican users using the platform by 2016.

The top five songs most listened to by Dominicans on Spotify in 2020 were:

1 – Hawaii – Remix (Maluma – The Weeknd).

2 – Uchi Wala (Maffio, Nicky Jam, Akon)

3 – Hecha Pa’ Mi (Boza)

4 – La Nota (Manuel Turizo, Rauw Alejandro, Myke Towers)

5 – Mi Niña (Wisin, Myke Towers, Los Legendarios)

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