Raúl Di Blasio beats to the rhythm of bachata in a great concert

Raul Di Blasio performed successfully at the Carlos Piantini Hall of the Eduardo Brito National Theater, where his “Dominican Heart” (name of the concert) throbbed to the rhythm of bachata and his most emblematic songs.

“The Piano of America” began at 8:50 p.m. on Friday night offering, amid applause, an affectionate greeting to the entire Dominican Republic, continuing with a solo that included several of his most famous compositions, such as “Barroco”, “Piano” and “Melisa”, joined on stage by the Chamber Orchestra of Santo Domingo under the direction of Amaury Sanchez, to perform world hits such as “Impossible Dream” and “Cinema Paradiso”, among others that captivated the audience.

One of the most exciting moments of the night was when accordionist Gabriel Fernández, the artist’s first guest, entered the stage and together with Di Blasio, honored his beloved Argentina by performing “Libertango” and “Por una cabeza”.

The pianist in all his splendor continued with very important hits from his repertoire, such as the acclaimed song “Corazón de niño”, which the artist himself has pointed out as an important personal introspection, followed by the song “New Life”.

Diomary la Mala was the second guest of the night, who became a single musical being together with Di Blasio to pay tribute to the music of other composers with songs such as: “Quisqueya”, “A mi manera”, “Nostalgia”, “Uno”. Both put the audience in total ecstasy, achieving effusive applause from the audience.

A magical moment of this duet was when they performed emblematic Dominican bachatas, especially “Bachata rosa”, by Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra, in which Amaury Sanchez, seated at the piano with Di Blasio, sang the song with them, surprising everyone.

Around 11 p.m. and to conclude the concert, Di Blasio presented as a world premiere the bachata “Corazón Dominicano”, an original composition that emerged from his own love story with the Dominican Republic itself, and that he gave to all present on Friday night to culminate a dream night.

“Corazón Dominicano” was produced by Vibra Productions and Amaury Sánchez and was well attended by the public, delighting the audience for more than two hours on Friday night.

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