Raulín Rodríguez tours the South of the country with his family

Doing domestic tourism, Raulin Rodriguez travels with his family through the South of the country

Raulín: “Doing domestic tourism, enjoying the beauties of my country and getting to know more about the South of my beloved Dominican Republic”.

Raulín Rodríguez began a tour of the South of the country, but not to sing bachata, but to get to know with his family the most beautiful places of the Dominican region.

“Happy beginning of the week my people! Doing domestic tourism, enjoying the beauties of my country, getting to know more of the South of my beloved Dominican Republic,” he commented in a post on his Instagram accompanied by a video in which he reported that he was in Las Salinas, Baní.

He then posted an image with part of his family. The singer is married to Andrea Rodríguez and has four children: two boys and two girls.

El Cacique del Amargue is a native of Las Matas de Santa Cruz, in Montecristi province, and is known for his bachatas, including “Medicina de amor”, “Nereyda”, “Si algun día la ves”, “Esta noche”, “Que me la devuelva” and many others.

In the post, the singer asks two questions to his 532 thousand followers: “Which places in the South of the Dominican Republic do you recommend to visit? And what are your must-try dishes?”.

People started the recommendations, which range from Bahía de las Águilas, Playa Cabo Rojo and the wells of Romeo and the Hoyo de Pelempito, in Pedernales; Los Patos river, Villa Miriam, San Rafael spa or the community of Polo, in Barahona; Lago Enriquillo, or the dunes of Baní.

Also, the corral de los Indios, or Agüita de Liborio, in San Juan de la Maguana; Las Marías beach in Neyba, Boca de Cachón in Jimaní, Las Barías in the municipality of La Descubierta, or Caobita beach in Azua.

If you like mountain tourism in the south, a special recommendation is San José de Ocoa, near Tatón.

Among the foods recommended are chenchén with goat, chacá, fish with coconut, moro de guandules with coconut, red beans from Elías Piña, mango and sweets from Baní.

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