Unusual: what El Alfa must pay for its Bugatti to be in Dominican Republic

Bugatti Chiron Sport 110 Ans, Buying a car of this magnitude is a very strong challenge for any wealthy person, as long as they do not use the strategies of getting the facilities that can be obtained by doing business with a Dominican legislator, as they are given two exonerations per period to bring any vehicle with a ceiling limit of a cost of one hundred thousand dollars, the Bugatti exceeds that amount.

But this is not possible either, since the vehicle that the urban artist called Alfa el Jefe supposedly bought, costs no more and no less than 3.6 million dollars, which at the Dominican currency, the dollar rate is about 57.30 pesos at the present time, that is to say that the cost of the sumptuous car is about RD$ 206,280,000 (Two hundred six million, two hundred eighty thousand) Dominican pesos, a monumental amount of money for the fast four-wheeled howitzer.

As incredible as it may seem that the Dominican artist has bought this car, what he must now do to bring it to the Dominican Republic (DR), is as implausible as it may seem. Although we coin a word that many millionaires say is that if you have to spend a lot of money, you will have to pay for the fuel, maintenance and above all the payment of taxes for this high-end sports car. It is a relative matter.

To begin with let’s see a little simple mathematics here, already with the Bugatti presumably bought, it must be sent in a sea or air freight as you wish the economic possibilities of the artist according to his need of time.

Let’s say that the car was bought for 200 million pesos, that is, we have already converted the dollars to the local currency, then Customs in the DR, will make a sum of all the import expenses which is called CIR, because we assume that it is RD$ 200 million, the artist must pay 18% of that value, which would be RD$ 36 million, but it does not stop there, if the car was not assembled in America, due to Free Trade issues, he must pay 10% of the value of the vehicle, which would be about RD$ 20 million, right, we are doing well.

But when the Alfa takes the car out of customs, he must go directly to the Internal Revenue Service for the issuance of the first license plate, where he has to pay 17% of the value of the four-tire ship “for the right to the plate”, amounting to about RD$ 34 million, for a total of 90 million pesos, for driving around in a super luxury machine in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

And finally, it is a whole adventure, a lottery and risk all that money of almost 300 million pesos, and not being able to have the guarantee of being insured by any of the insurance companies, because they do not insure high-cost vehicles that are artists, because they have more than 90% probability that they will crash because of the kind of life of parties and alcohol in which they live.

The Molsheim firm has only manufactured 20 units of this exclusive Chiron created to commemorate its 110 years of history.


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