Why doesn’t Julio Iglesias want to leave the Dominican Republic?

Some time ago, Julio Iglesias decided to take a vacation in the Dominican Republic, without the company of his wife Miranda Rijnsburger and his youngest children. The Spanish singer would spend the New Year’s holidays in his mansion in Punta Cana and everything indicates that he would not return to his native country due to health complications.

It should be recalled that the artist suffered a serious fall in 2019 that made it impossible for him to walk for two months and he had to rest. The following year, as a result of the pandemic, he decided to isolate himself in his Caribbean mansion for fear of catching coronavirus and to take all the corresponding security measures.

Now, with the outbreaks of the disease and his advanced age, the singer does not want to expose himself and everything indicates that he could spend a lot of time in the Dominican Republic. Last year, a photo of him on the beach was published in which he was accompanied by two women holding him from both sides and his physical deterioration was evident.

Julio Iglesias’ accident that almost cost him his life
In his youth, Julio Iglesias dreamed of being a soccer star and signed as a goalkeeper for the Juvenil B of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, one of the subsidiary teams in the lower categories of Real Madrid. Thanks to his talents he became a promise for the sport in his country, but his life changed completely when he had an accident in the early hours of September 22, 1962 that almost cost him his life.

He and a group of friends were out partying in Majadahonda, Madrid, and crashed into the car, leaving all of them seriously injured. None of them remembers when they were taken to the Eloy Gonzalo Hospital and Julio Iglesias’ report indicated that there was very little chance that he would walk again.

For a year and a half, the singer was semi-paralyzed undergoing therapy and exercises in the hope of getting back on his feet. At that time he completely abandoned his dream of becoming a soccer player, but life had a surprise in store for him: Eladio Madaleno, a young nurse who took care of him in the hospital, gave him a guitar as therapy so that he could exercise his fingers and pass the time.

At the same time he was learning to play he was creating poems that became songs and ended up being passionate about music. “My soul and my head gave me enough strength to keep living. I was a natural athlete and surely that helped me a lot in my recovery,” he wrote on Instagram next to a photo he took two years after the accident.

Julio Iglesias gradually became one of the most successful artists of all time, but the after-effects of the accident accompanied him throughout his life. Many times he had to cancel shows due to problems with his legs, and last August, on his 78th birthday, he said that he has the same pain as anyone his age. In the midst of the pandemic, the Spaniard prioritizes his health and does not rule out returning to the stage someday.


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