Zoé Saldaña enjoys Dominican Republic with her entire family

Renowned actress Zoé Saldaña is enjoying her country, the Dominican Republic, with her family.

With a song by Juan Luis Guerra, a Dominican flag and a video of her traveling through some of the country’s roads, was the publication shared by the star of “Avatar” to her eight million followers on Instagram.

In other videos circulating on social networks, her husband, Marco Perego and her three children can be seen at the beach, also sharing with the actress’ relatives in the country.

In another image circulating, she is seen with businessman George Nader, Marco and the stepfather of the actress Dagoberto Galan in the coastal area of Miches, in the east of the country.

As she is listening to Juan Luis, in the video, it is presumed that the actress could be going to enjoy the concert that the Dominican singer-songwriter will be presenting this Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana.

Although she has a great career in Hollywood, with multiple hits in her catalog, the actress does not forget her roots and is always aware of what is happening in the country.

So much so that in mid-2020 the famous actress expressed her desire to return to film in the Dominican Republic, from which she has only beautiful experiences.

In an interview with Dominican journalists through the Zoom platform, Zoé said that if she has not returned to Creole cinema, it has not been for lack of interest, but for lack of time, since when she recorded the only film she has made in the country, “La maldición del padre Cardona”, she has not stopped filming one film after another.


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