Children’s event “NiñoLandia” announces its arrival in Dominican Republic

Dominican artistic entrepreneur Miguel Guzman announced the arrival in the Dominican Republic of the children’s show “NiñoLandia”, an event designed to offer healthy fun to children from 0 to 12 years of age.

Guzman explained that this event will be held on November 6 at the Teo Cruz Coliseum in the capital.

According to its organizers, this children’s activity aims to bring entertainment and excitement through the interaction of children with their favorite characters.

Guzman said that this is a space created to offer what the little ones have always dreamed of and longed for in their lives, specifically to connect with their favorite personal and fictional heroes.

He indicated that “NiñoLandia” was conceived as “a tribute to the characters that have had and still have an impact on children, and from which they have drawn positive lessons, and from which they draw emotions every time they see them.

He also pointed out that this show arises from “the absence of models for our children”, and so that infants can interact visually with the characters they long for and have always seen on television and social networks”.

He stated that the establishments will be one hundred percent sanitized and disinfected before each show, while the activities will be organized respecting the sanitary protocols to guarantee the health of the children.

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