Company specializing in financial markets develops training in Belize

As part of its regional growth, the Dominican company Harvest Trading Cap Academy, the educational branch of Harvest Trading Cap that specializes in International Financial Markets, developed a training agenda in Belize with the support of the Ministry of Youth of that country.

During their stay, the CEO of this organization (MA) Jairo Gonzalez and Mr. Gregoryx Polanco, executive director, together with experts Samil Abad, Charlies Rodriguez and Luilly Guichardo gave a Masterclass on trading and new technologies applied to financial markets to obtain higher performance.

The event, held at the Best Western Plus Hotel in Belize City, was attended by the Honorable Mr. Kevin Bernard, Minister of Youth, Sports and E-Government of Belize; the Honorable Michel Chebat, Minister of Health and Welfare; Mr. Kevin Cadle, Director of Youth Services, Belize; and Mr. Kevin Cadle, Director of Youth Services, Belize. Kevin Cadle, Director of Youth Services; Jose Urbina, Executive Director of the Ministry of Youth; Honorable Mrs. Dolores Balderamos, Honorable Mr. Jorge Espat, Honorable Mr. Ramon Cervantes, Honorable Mr. Rodwell Ferguson, Consul Rigoberto Bellos, Major Alan Pollard; Mr. Kris Miller, CARICOM representative.

The meeting addressed the use of multimedia resources, new technologies (Fintech), use of platforms and applications for investments in the main stock exchanges of the world, investment trends and management of cryptocurrencies.

During their stay in this country, Harvest Trading Cap executives signed an agreement with the Ministry of Youth, to facilitate the delivery of 5 thousand trading scholarships to young people with the aim of promoting interest in international financial markets.

“The boom in international financial markets and the strategies used to succeed in this world, which despite its importance, is unknown to the general public, is growing. To reduce this gap of ignorance, and aware of the source of existing opportunities, we continue to strengthen our leadership inside and outside the Dominican Republic,” said Gonzalez.

In addition, the Dominican company will contribute to the construction of a park in the Santa Martha Village community, located in the Orange Walk district, for the beautification of the area and the enjoyment of locals and passers-by.

It is recalled that in June, the executives of this company signed an agreement in Guatemala with representatives of Andragogy Autonomous University, Miami-FL USA and Universidad de San Miguel de Mexico to give international endorsement to the academic certifications by the educational department of Harvest Trading Cap Academy in an activity that was attended by the Dominican ambassador in that country.

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