Dominican Cigar Fest”, Tamboril 2022 version announced

The municipality of Tamboril, a fundamental locality in the production of cigars in the Dominican Republic, will become the venue for the Dominican Cigars Fest event.

This fair seeks to promote and highlight the excellent quality of Dominican tobacco and cigars, as well as the importance of this industry in the country’s economy, and will be used to declare the thriving community of Tamboril as the “Cigar Capital of the World”.

According to statements made by the president of the association, Radhames Rodriguez, this important event is scheduled for June 3, 4 and 5 and will be held in a large structure with a capacity to accommodate more than two thousand people each day.

“We will focus on promoting and highlighting the tobacco industry in the municipality of Tamboril, its great commercial and export potential,” said Radhames.

The large tent-like structure will have sixty modules for micro, small and medium-sized companies linked to the cigar production chain, whether associated or not with ADOCITAB, to exhibit their different brands to the world, from: harvesters, processors, manufacturers of cigars, boxes and rings, as well as all types of accessories linked to the production and elaboration of cigars in the Dominican Republic.

In addition, 20 modules will be available to host sponsoring institutions and companies: embassies, banks and other special guests related to the commercialization of the aromatic leaf.

During the three days of exhibition and jubilation, artistic and cultural activities will be developed: the cigar monument will be inaugurated at the initiative of the Tamboril City Council and its Mayor Anyolino Germosén, as well as the realization of the largest cigar smoke in the world, where thousands of people will gather to smoke cigars simultaneously.

The Dominican Republic produces more than 8 billion machine-made cigars and close to 200 million handmade premium cigars per year, being the main country in the world in producing quality cigars, sustained by the strict care and agronomic management of the crops and the innovative attitude of the producers, which have made the Dominican cigar receive numerous accolades from cigar lovers from all over the world.

Tamboril is characterized by having dozens of factories derived from the crop, mostly of Creole capital and it is estimated that this cigar manufacturing industry in this community, generates tens of thousands of handmade cigars daily, handcrafted and with unsurpassed quality.

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