Dominican Doctor’s Day, why is it celebrated?

Every August 18, the country celebrates the Dominican Doctor’s Day, in recognition of the contributions of those health professionals who serve the nation by caring for everyone and contributing to the preservation of well-being.

In our country, this celebration was proposed on February 3, 1958 and was established on September 27 during the government of Héctor Bienvenido “Negro” Trujillo Molina. Subsequently, the day was changed to August 18 since the Dominican Medical Association was founded on that date in 1891, and renamed in 1962 to the Dominican Medical College.

Physicians’ Day is not only commemorated in the Dominican Republic; Physicians’ Day is celebrated on different dates all over the world and is internationally recognized, specifically on December 3 since it was agreed in 1946 by the Pan American Medical Confederation, the International Physicians’ Day, which vindicates the contribution of the Cuban physician Dr. Carlos J. Finlay, to the discovery of Aedes Aegipty as the transmitter of Yellow Fever.

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