Dominican Film Festival 2022 in the eastern region

After its success in the cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros, the festival will be shown for the first time in the municipality of Higüey, La Altagracia province.

With the slogan #RDesCine, the Dominican Film Festival RD 2022 -FESTCINERD- arrives in the municipality of Higüey, La Altagracia province.

The 4th edition announces its official program with a list of more than 25 productions participating in the celebration of the Dominican film industry’s biggest screening event; offering a wide range of genres, from comedy, suspense, horror, drama and even romance.

The opening gala will be held on Wednesday, August 10 with the regional premiere of the film “Rafaela” directed by Dominican filmmaker Tito Rodriguez; and will run through August 17.

Film FestivalThe festival seeks to provide film lovers with an emblematic showcase for the stories being made today in the Dominican Republic, bringing together experts and personalities representative of the cinema of our island and its diaspora, under one roof.

“I am very honored and excited to be able to bring the film festival to the Eastern region, and that Dominican cinema is enjoying a prolific moment worthy of recognition, with the hope of motivating new local filmmakers,” said Armando Guareño, director and founder of the festival.

Johan Santana, creative director of the festival, said he was very pleased to be able to offer a program with a wide range of genres that contributes to film development in the provinces of the country.

There will also be panels, master classes and colloquiums with participating producers, directors and actors. The festival closes on August 17 with the film “Carta Blanca” by director Pedro Urrutia.

The event is supported by Palacio de Cine, Dominican Film Festival New York, Periódico El Nuevo Diario, Press Media Center, Bávaro International Airport (AIB), Carnaval Higüey, Farmacia Melo, Mesías Carnes & Embutidos, La Higüeyanita, Melina Hotel, Popi Express and Hotel Flamboyán.

The mission of FestCineRD is to promote the Dominican film industry to the new generation of filmmakers, as well as those already established, and to strengthen the vital and growing relationship between the economy and culture of the Dominican Republic, with productions made by and for Dominicans.

The Dominican Film Festival RD -FestCineRD-, is a project organized by Miradas RD and the Dominican Film Festival New York, in collaboration with Palacio del Cine.

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