Dominican Republic will be the guest country at the 27th edition of ‘La Mar de Músicas’, to be held from July 15 to 23

With an image of Cartagena photographer Juan Manuel Diaz Burgos, the festival ‘La Mar de Músicas’ has announced that Dominican Republic will be the guest country in its next edition, number 27. From 15 to 23 July, the sounds of the Caribbean country will star in a festival organized by the City of Cartagena, which has advanced three of the 40 groups in its program: Yann Tiersen, Carla Morrison and Guitarricadelafuente.

On Friday, the mayor of Cartagena, Noelia Arroyo, accompanied by Diaz Burgos, presented the poster that will accompany the festival in this edition, an image of Diaz Burgos, who has already participated in various editions of the festival and this year will star in the Art section, as reported by municipal sources in a statement.

The mayor has advanced that on May 12 will be announced the full program and that same day will go on sale tickets and season tickets.

“We come to this edition with a desire for normality. To see our stages full of public, that artists see our faces of happiness with their songs and to be, as we have always been, the gateway to Europe for many artists from Latin America and Africa want to be known in our continent, “said Arroyo.

The councilwoman has referred to the image of Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos. “There could not be a better accompaniment, since he is a great connoisseur of the Dominican Republic. His links with the Caribbean country are many and we enjoy it with this poster and with some other exhibition in La Mar de Arte, “he said in this regard.

“Diaz Burgos is in love with Latin America, but undoubtedly, Cuba and the Dominican Republic have been key places in his relationship with Latin America, places where he has collected images full of realism and in which he simply seeks the strength of the people. As this poster reflects,” added the mayor.

The Cartagena-born artist joins the list of Spanish artists who have created the festival’s image, such as Miquel Barceló, Cristina García Rodero, Joan Fontcuberta, Ricardo Cavolo, Joana Vasconcelos, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Chema Madoz, Óscar Mariné, Ángel Mateo Charris, Dora Catarineu, Javier de Juan, Alberto García Alix, El Hortelano, Ouka Leele, Ceesepe, Javier Mariscal, Antonio de Felipe, Carmen Calvo, Ángel Haro and Juan Ugalde.


An author with a clear vocation for humanist, documentary and essay photography, Díaz Burgos’ work has been exhibited in a multitude of spaces such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, IVAM, the Casa de América in Madrid, The Meadows Museum, in Dallas, the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, the Niemeyer Center or La Fábrica, in Madrid, among others.

In 2017 he won the ‘Bartolomé Ros’ Photoespaña Award for the best Spanish photographic career, for “his constancy, independence, empathy and commitment to realities near and far, in Spain and Latin America, building stories around the passions that characterize the human being”. In 2018 he received the ‘Piedad Isla’ Award for the best Spanish photographic career. He has also been awarded the Olorum International Photography Prize, granted by the Ibero-American Image Fund in Cuba.

His photos are in many national and international, private and public collections such as the Museum Marugame Irai in Japan, Forum-Photographie in Cologne, Heide Santamaría Foundation in Havana and Niemeyer Center. He teaches a multitude of workshops in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba, and is the author of more than 15 monothematic books and photographic essays.


Of the 40 groups that will participate in the 27th edition of ‘La Mar de Músicas’, the mayoress has advanced three names. The French Yann Tiersen, who will be in Cartagena on July 17, the Mexican Carla Morrison, on July 19, and the Spanish Guitarricadelafuente, on July 22. Tickets will go on sale on May 12, when the festival’s complete program will be announced.

“I can tell you in advance that this edition of La Mar de Músicas is going to be very eclectic. We have made a festival thinking of our loyal and demanding audience. We address as Paco Martin said to a “majority minority. At ‘La Mar de Músicas’ people come to see concerts that are unthinkable at other festivals. That is our greatness, and that is how we are going to continue. We do not lose sight of the fact that we are a public festival, therefore, we are here to give to discover and show, what other events can not afford, “said Arroyo.

In 2001, the Breton Yann Tiersen already had a respectable musical career behind him, but beyond his country, few knew him. That year, the film ‘Amélie’, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, was a real bomb and with it its soundtrack signed precisely by Tiersen. It was difficult to survive such a success, but the Frenchman has been able to bury that memory and bring his music to a much wider audience. He will bring his latest albums – All (2019), Portrait (2019) and Kerber (2021) – on Sunday, July 17, at 11 p.m., at the Paco Martín Auditorium.

Two days later, on Tuesday, July 19, it will be the turn of Mexico’s Carla Morrison, who will present her latest album, ‘El Renacimiento’, after seven years without releasing work. The author of albums such as ‘Déjenme llorar’ or ‘Amor Supremo’, is one of the most popular melodic pop artists in Mexico, with a career consolidated throughout Latin America and Spain.

Guitarricadelafuente’s performance has also been brought forward, which will be on Friday, July 22. The artist will publish ‘La cantera’, this 2022, his debut album, in which, with the help of Raül Refree, he has discovered the enormous possibilities of music without losing the link with tradition.

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