Master of the Ocean announces its new edition

The coordinators of Master of the Ocean, the most complete extreme water sports competition held in Cabarete, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, announced the dates of its seventeenth edition, during a lively press conference outdoors and in front of the sea, at the Premium Millennium Resort and Spa Cabarete. This elite race is unique in that it includes professionals who practice the disciplines of surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding). Surf lovers have gathered from September 14 to 18 and expect plenty of action on waves and winds thanks to renowned local and international athletes.

Fierce battle in the water
The North Coast of the island will see professionals from more than 12 nationalities, with many coming from Europe. Expectations are high for the exploits of celebrated Olympic competitor Manuel Selman, who placed in the top 20 in Tokyo this year.

Also eagerly anticipated is the infectious charisma of Barbados’ legendary Action Man Brian Talma. Brian is an ambassador for water sports on his home island, where he shines as a surfing ambassador and promoter of the Beach Culture World Tour and an ocean-facing community.

Marius Herrmann, a powerful athlete in several disciplines, will travel from Sylt, Germany. Sylt is a small town in northern Germany that produces, like Cabarete, multiple champions in the disciplines of surfing and windsurfing, and the women are not far behind.

And the women are not far behind. For the first time we will see the amazon surf rider from Germany, Valeska Scheider; she is a multiple champion and a regular in our country. We will have our eyes on Italian veteran Samuela Mulé, who will fly through the air on her kite. Samuela is a recognized entrepreneurial leader who has made Cabarete her home for the past 8 years. Spaniard Imma Nin Franch is a talented kitesurfer who has won awards in Big Air and Cayu Kite Race.

France’s Audrey Meyer is an eminence not only for winning titles in the Overall division of the Master of the Ocean, but for her leadership and founding of the Caribbean’s most prominent watersports event for women, the Butterfly Effect.

As for the locals, everyone knows that this is where the spirit of surfing roars. Cabarete has produced world champions of the highest caliber. We are waiting for the great Creoles of the kite Papito Santana, Joselito del Rosario and Carlos David to put the Dominican flag on the highest point of the ocean.

This year the modality of the competition will be in the form of teams formed by 4 competitors; each athlete specializes in a discipline: surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle. The camaraderie will be palpable as we watch the Dominicans share the action with the internationals, in a vivid demonstration of the versatility and dynamism that characterizes this coastal city.

And the fact is that the conditions of the North Coast are extraordinary for practicing this type of sport. Recently, the Minister of Tourism David Collado attended the Formula Kite race, and in an intrepid manner, he launched himself into the sea in a motorboat, to live the experience of the race in the front row. Minister Collado affirmed that “the Dominican Republic and Cabarete will become the world’s premier water sports tourist destination”.

Master of the Ocean is the competition that brings together in the same location, Playa Encuentro, Cabarete, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, four sports disciplines, in the same scenario. The conditions are spectacular for even pro athletes from around the world who come to this place, attracted by the breeze, temperature, waves, and the human quality that characterizes the Dominican.

For the first time on the island, as part of the competition, the organizers of the Master of the Ocean will offer a master class in the latest and most popular trend on the waves to local athletes: wing foiling. Wing foiling is an innovative and spectacular discipline that combines kite sailing and windsurfing, without ropes or harnesses. Experts are already predicting that it will be the next sport to explode, as happened in the 90’s with kitesurfing.

For a safe Cabarete

September 16 will be dedicated to the youth and children of the Cabarete community with a day full of fun activities called Water Safety. This festival, organized by the Happy Dolphins DR Foundation, will focus on raising awareness about safety in and out of the water. Visitors will be able to enjoy environmental education talks from experts, stretching yoga, music, wing foil classes, and lifeguarding demonstrations by Happy Dolphins lifeguards and the Inspire DR Foundation along with Kymera DR (electric jet boards). Inspire DR has a swim training program called ATC (Aquatics Training Cabarete) aimed at local children to help them feel safe and comfortable in the water while learning to swim.

Happy Dolphins DR’s mission is to uplift the lives of the north coast of the Dominican Republic by creating a deep connection to the ocean by training young men and women to train in lifeguarding, swimming and surfing. This will result in a safer and more attractive destination, while creating new and dignified jobs.

The event is an outdoor event held on a large beach area, in sunshine and tropical winds; therefore, the activity is considered Covid safe. The organizers work hand in hand with the local authorities: Ministries of Defense, Public Health, Politur and Environment, to ensure that the protocols are followed.

Master of the Ocean has the solid support of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic. In addition, the Ministry of Defense and Tourist Customs.

The hotel community and numerous national and international companies join this effort to promote the destination, which is already recognized worldwide for its qualities for the practice of sports and adventure.

With five days of competition, free-style (expression sessions) and music on the beach, this celebration will be held in the town of Cabarete. The town was originally known as a rural community, but later became the capital of extreme water sports in this hemisphere, given its magnificent year-round conditions. The festivities culminate on September 18 with the awards ceremony at Coco Pipe, right off Playa Encuentro and then a reception at Ojo Lax in Playa Cabarete for the winners.

The Master of the Ocean was launched in 2003 as the Ironman of water sports, and this year proposes a Team modality.

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