Salsero RD Encounter

“Encuentro Salsero RD”, the salsa event that is here to stay

A Sambil event hall filled to capacity was the perfect setting for this first festival that featured performances by Willy Garcia, Ray de la Paz, Sexappeal, Ruth La Cantante, Giro, David Kada and Eddy Bonilla.

Salsa once again proved that it has a captive audience that comes to the call when its performers and mentors require it, which was again demonstrated this Saturday night when around two thousand fans of the tropical genre filled the great hall of the Sambil plaza to enjoy seven of its exponents in the “Encuentro Salsero RD”.

Hosted by Michael Miguel Holguín, the event began at 10 p.m. with the presentation of the strongest female voice in salsa, Ruth La Cantante, who immediately connected with the audience by performing a medley in tribute to Celia Cruz, Mimi Ibarra and La India, which drew applause and cheers from the audience.

“Thank you for your applause, I want to thank Richard Richardson, his team and my work team, and especially you, for letting me represent the Dominican woman in this event, as I do in other activities where I proudly represent the salsa woman”, said the lanky interpreter who is enjoying one of her best moments in the salsa movement, to continue with her hit “Ahora resulta” and say goodbye with the song “Como una loba”.

The first Salsa Festival “Encuentro Salsero RD”, produced by the young entrepreneur Richard Richardson, continued with the Puerto Rican Giro Lopez, who thrilled the audience with the super hit “Amor lunático”, a song whose interpretation was shared between him and the audience that did not stop chanting.

“Thank you for so much love Dominican Republic. I am very grateful for the love you have shown me since the first day I arrived in this blessed land,” said the singer excitedly.

The audience did the same with “Si tú supieras”, “El pasajero” and “Siénteme”, songs for which Dominican fans have adopted Giro as another Dominican artist.

And then it was the turn of the “swing” salsero, who from the presentation of Michael Miguel Holguín the public launched a bravo and from his appearance on stage snatched his hits “Mañana mañana”, “Triste final” and “A escondidas”.

The young salsero took advantage and brought on stage the urban artists La Insuperable and Toxic Crow, who were there to enjoy, as audience, this great event. Both danced while Sexappeal performed one of his salsas.

“I want to thank my Dominican brothers for this support, I feel happy to sing on the same stage with so many talented artists who make our genre, salsa, proud,” said Sexappeal before saying goodbye with “La llorona”.

And it was the turn of Eddy Bonilla, for whom this presentation represents his debut in front of a large audience. With “Homenaje al Canario”, “La mujer que a mí me gusta” and “Dominicana”, a song with which he pays tribute to the Dominican Republic, the young Creole salsa singer passed his test of fire.

With the first chords of “Tu amor fue diferente”, there was a connection between the audience and the “ever young” of salsa, David Kada, who demonstrated on stage that he continues to be a favorite of the followers of the genre.

He received applause and cheers with each performance of his well-known songs “Estos celos”, “Si me vuelvo a enamorar” and “Tú no eres la buena”, the song with which he said goodbye, in style, to the first installment of the “Saleros RD” festival.

At 1:00 a.m. on Sunday and in high spirits, the audience stood up when Michael Miguel Holguín announced the presentation of the Colombian Willy García and since then they kept standing, chanting and dancing to the songs of the former Niche.

“Me emocionas”, “Te amo”, “A prueba de fuego”, were his first songs before thanking the audience, to whom he confessed: “I feel so good with this people for all the love they have given, that I will buy a small piece of land here to build in the Dominican Republic”.

He continued with a medley of songs that made him a hit with Grupo Niche (“Eres”, “La magia de tus besos”, “Lo bonito y lo feo”), “No quiero dormir”, among others, and closed with “Analizando”, a song in which he took the opportunity to invite Eddy Bonilla and Sexappeal to the stage. That should have been Willy’s farewell, but the audience, standing up, demanded his presence again and then he delivered “Lo bonito y lo feo” and “La cárcel”.

The closing was the turn of veteran Ray de la Paz, who at 1:48 a.m. on Sunday, provoked applause from the audience, who with the same spirit of the beginning, took over the songs “Como yo te amo”, “Todo se derrumbó”, “Solos tú y yo”, “A esa”, “Ladrón de tu amor”.

Smiling and excited, Ray de la Paz thanked the support of the Dominican public for his career of so many years. “Thanks for so much, I am very grateful for all that you Dominicans have done for my career, that’s why every time I come I give the best of me so that this marriage is maintained”, with these words he gave way to the hit “Definitely and said goodbye, at 3:00 in the morning on Sunday, with “Desahogo”.


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