Unicef to hold telethon in Dominican Republic on June 13

The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) office in the Dominican Republic announced Thursday that on June 13 it will hold its first telethon “Together for Children”, with the objective of raising funds to support the programs it develops in the country.

The event will be broadcast on several television channels and the resources collected “will be destined to programs that seek to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, improve the quality of education and the return to classes for all students in a healthy and safe manner”, explained Unicef in a press release.

Also, to prevent violence against children, detect and treat acute child malnutrition, and reduce adolescent pregnancy and early unions of girls with adults in the Dominican Republic.

In the communiqué, the Unicef representative in the country, Rosa Elcarte, pointed out that because of the pandemic, the agency “has had to make an important effort in all its work components to respond to the emergency”, for which she called on the Dominican society “to participate now with their donations”.


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