Arcadio Díaz Collection

Arcadio Díaz, born in Dominican Republic and who lives since many years in Venezuela, is a lover of men shirts, the guayaberas.

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According to him, It’s necessary to decode the body, and that is what he does creating modern and masculine, elegant and fresh shirts. And as he says, if a few years ago a women in a men shirt was almost impossible, today it’s a very fashionable tendency in the fashion world.

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Arcadio Díaz adapts his creations to the woman body, with blouses and dresses with collars made in linen and decorated with flower patterns.

Arcadio Diaz 01 Arcadio Diaz 03

For the men as for the women, the pastel and bright colors emphasize the tropical spirit, a daring tone that combines very well with the nice and elegant lines of the clothes.


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