Bien Fée Pour Toi

Autumn Winter collection

The French underwear brand Bien Fée Pour Toi seduces more and more women.

A lot of romanticism, fantasy, femininity and a key of lightness, it seems to be the magic formula of the name created by Vanessa Scheleimer.

For the Autumn Winter 2008 Bien Fée Pour Toi joins the tendency of the colors as pink, fuchsia and purple, very in vogue for this season.

The line So Chic wears lace and flowers for an ensured romantic effect, Purple chooses the fuchsia; whereas Emeraude pays tribute to the purple, with simple models, brighten up a blue key.

Cabaret brings a fantasy note with nice frou-frou borders and declines itself in intense salmon-pink that is found in a clearer tone in Petit Rat de l’Opéra.

And as always, the collection is very nice, and inspires a pretty elegance that is the key of the famous brand success.

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