Christmas Dresses 2011

Short, long, glitter or classic ?

The countdown has begun for the Christmas holidays and the New Year Eve !

As every year, let’s take a look at the trends to help you choose wisely the dress that you could wear for end of the year celebrations.

Long dresses: the classic that never fails

Long dresses are undoubtedly the key piece of the end of year celebrations for their elegance. This year, long dresses remain classic but not boring, with siren looks.

Short dresses : Color or sobriety

Always elegant but more youthful, short dresses are also a good choice for the christmas eve. They can be very colorful or rather classical.

The trend this year: the glitter dresses

If there is a time of year you can wear sequins and glitter, it’s during Christmas holidays. Enjoy !.

Snow White

The black is always a choice when dressing for a party. But this year, the white is very fashionable, especially for Christmas.

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