Collection 2009 by Nicolas Martinez

The creations of the designer that was born in Santiago

Nicolas Martinez is a young designer who was born in Dominican Republic, in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros.Since 2002, he opened his own design house, and he presents us his new collection for 2009.The collection is focused on the dresses, in the love of the women’s body, and follows two directing lines inspired by the designers Yves-Saint-Laurent and Balenciega: Sophistication and elegance.


Nicolas Martinez 2009 06 Nicolas Martinez 2009 07 Nicolas Martinez 2009 02 Nicolas Martinez 2009 05

That’s how the long dresses that fall on the feet explore different colors, from the classic black to the spring green, as well as various matters (silk and satin) and shapes (bustiers, around the neck) etc…

Nicolas Martinez 2009 01 Nicolas Martinez 2009 09 Nicolas Martinez 2009 12 Nicolas Martinez 2009 13

The short dresses reveal the legs but are brilliantly elegant as the long ones.And on all the models, a disconcerting simplicity stands out, nothing is too much charged.

Nicolas Martinez 2009 04 Nicolas Martinez 2009 10 Nicolas Martinez 2009 03 Nicolas Martinez 2009 08

However, wonderful details come to adorn every piece, as decorative patterns or ribbons that accentuate the feminine curves.Nicolas Martinez understood how to capture the sophistication essence, with a unique simplicity and very nice glamour touches.

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