Eres Underwear

Autumn winter 2009

After the swimsuit collection for the spring summer 2008 that was inspired from Orient, the Eres name is interested in the Nordic beauty for its autumn winter underwear collection.

This is how the warm and spicy colors are substituted by cold and electrical tones.

The smooth light of the morning seems to barely caress the underwear and put in it bewitching reflections.
The snow is transformed into lace and come to embellish the creations that it scatters and whitens.
The Scandinavian sea, deep and intense, with pastel and opaque colors is present too, declined in different tonalities.

Everywhere in the underwear collection autumn winter 2009, we can feel the spirit of femininity at the same time strong and delicate, deep and fragile, typical of the Nordic beauties that Eres chose to honor.

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