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It is one of the most beautiful stages of every woman. With pregnancy many hormonal, physical and emotional changes occur, the body begins to widen, the bust grows, etc. and, as the weeks of gestation advance, all this also increases.

Pregnancy enhances the beauty of your body, for example, your hair becomes nicer and shinier and your skin looks better. Self-care and appearance are equally important at this stage.

The right clothes you wear will make you feel more confident and attractive. Fashion expert Johana Mejía gives you tips on what to choose in order to stay in style.

1. Comfort. When choosing your pregnancy clothes, opt for natural materials that are pleasant to your skin and comfortable. Linen, silk, natural wool or cotton are very good choices. Synthetic fabrics are more uncomfortable against the skin. Organic cotton is also a very advisable material and is increasingly present in major clothing chains.

Happy tummy. Choose pants and skirts for pregnancy that have a special waistband to hold your belly in place. These will adapt as it grows.

3. Underwear. It should be made of cotton or natural fibers. You will have to buy new bras that adapt to your new volume. If you are going to buy a new one, remember to buy one without an underwire.

4. Security. As your abdomen grows, you will feel more comfortable with special pregnancy panties. These come with a gusset in the lower abdomen to hold your belly in place.

5. Avoid high heels. Not only will it be difficult to wear them, since your center of gravity is displaced, but they are not good for circulation and can cause varicose veins.

No one said that at this stage you can’t look spectacular and, why not, be the best dressed guest at the party. Feel happy, sexy and enjoy this wonderful moment.

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