How to dress in rainy weather?

Another element is the umbrella, which is advisable to leave it as close to the door as possible, to avoid a water path on the floor.

The image consultant, Rhodie Lamour, explains that people in the Dominican Republic like to use white, but when there are commitments or meetings, light colors will denote if we have had an accident on the way.

During her intervention in the program El Despertador of Grupo SIN, the expert explains the type of clothing and footwear that we should choose when the weather is not very favorable.

Lamour indicated that we must take into account that there are shoes that can fade when they get wet, and it is not because they are of poor quality, but because of the type of garment that has been designed for certain temperatures and conditions.

The expert said that many times we buy shoes just to have them, but we do not take this into consideration, and many times we do not have the right shoes.Rhodie Lamour

“Another element we should take into account is if we are going to wear a scarf in the morning, because when the temperature rises we can’t take it off, instead of using a warm jacket,” said Rhodie Lamour.

The image consultant assured that in the Dominican Republic the “tubi” is very famous, and it is appropriate to use it to keep the hair beautiful, more and yet, when you are going to arrive at work or a place where you are going to develop different professional activities it is not feasible to wear it, the ideal is to wear a hat.

Similarly, another element is the umbrella, which is advisable to leave it as close to the door, to avoid making a path of water on the floor.

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