Maison Michel by Karl Lagerfeld

Cute hats for sunny days

The Maison Michel brand, in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld created a beautiful headwear collection for spring / summer 2011.

Maison Michel 002 Maison Michel 09 Maison Michel 10

The hats, which once were an incontrovertible fashion accessory in France, are more than never fashionable…

Maison Michel 04 Maison Michel 006 Maison Michel 08

Maison Michel launched a variety of creations to suit every occasion and that reflects the personalities of the women who wear them.

Maison Michel 07 Maison Michel 03 Maison Michel 01

So you can choose to wear either jewelled Parisian berets for a French look, hats with ribbons for a more classic style, floppy 70’s hats, 60’s mod biker hats, bunny and cat ears , or precious stone headbands…

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