Naya Shoes

Stylish and ecological shoes

Naya Shoes is the cute name for the brand shoes that cares for the environment by pledging to make smart choices of production in order reduce their impact on the natural world.


Naya Shoes 04 Naya Shoes 02

These little wonders is composed of materials that are natural or environmentally friendly.

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For example, the heels are made of bamboo, rubber soles or cork, and fabrics are 100% organic. All the metal used for the decorations do not contain nickel.

Naya Shoes Collection Beaded Naya Shoes Collection Beaded

Beyond the ecological aspect, Naya slippers seduce by their happy and coquettish appearance, as they are adorned with beads and knots.

Naya Shoes Collection Beaded Naya Shoes Collection gladiator

Slippers, sandals and ballerinas, the choice is wide and the design looks great.

Naya Shoes Collection Knotted Naya Shoes Collection Natural

As for the Naya Shoes advertising campaign, it is inspired by harmony, happiness and serenity.

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