Nina Vásquez exhibits in Madrid collections that evoke the Dominicans

The local fashion line Nina Vásquez Design was chosen by the Institute of Dominicans and Dominicans Abroad (INDEX), present in Spain, as one of the brands to be presented at the event “Dominican fashion comes to Madrid”, held in Madrid.

At the fashion show, Miguelina Vásquez, CEO of Nina Vásquez Design, presented her most recent Raíces collection, inspired by the city of Moca and in which she always seeks to highlight the national culture and identity.

She also presented pieces from her collection “Vuelo de Mariposas “, dedicated to the Mirabal sisters.

“The Nina Vasquez brand always tells a story in its collections. We are happy to embark on a new stage of internationalization of this brand made in the DR,” said the designer.

One of the most emotional moments of the fashion show was when presenting pieces from the Vuelo de Mariposas collection, made with a fabric made in Italy with the love letters that Minerva Mirabal and Manolo Tavárez sent to each other, while the latter remained in prison, closing the parade with a flourish with the iconic “freedom suit”.

Suit of freedom
This costume was planned by Minerva Mirabal, who began to make it, but did not finish it because she was assassinated by the dictatorship; Nina Vásquez Design concluded its confection.

She explained that this is an outfit synonymous with the most fervent fight for freedom and the voice of women against violence.

For the avant-garde
The Raíces collection is unique, with pieces ranging from suits to executive coats for today’s avant-garde woman; where vibrant fall/winter colors prevail, being cotton and Italian silk the main fabrics to achieve sophisticated and elegant pieces with handcrafted details.

Raíces seeks to keep alive the historical memory to value and learn from the experiences that allowed the social evolution of the country.

The young designer says that adjusting to the country brand concept is a bet that commits designers to give the best of themselves.

Hence, every day she tries to do a better job to be at the height of what is demanded today inside and outside the Dominican Republic.

About the brand
It is a leading local line among executive women, who are increasingly gaining more space in business and public sector, which stands out for its innovative proposal “Smart Closet”, a closet to optimize the pieces that can be combined with each other, while optimizing budget.

Recently, Vasquez was chosen by ProDominicana as an export offer for its quality and versatility in its designs.

Her stamp
The versatile Dominican fashion designer, in each of her projects, exhibits proposals for executive profiles. With textures in cotton and fabrics that feature pieces of sophisticated, particular and handmade style.

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