RD Fashion Week announces the designers who will fill the catwalks with fashion

After a year without being held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country will once again be dressed in fashion. Dominican Republic Fashion Week already has a date, from September 21 to 25, and announced who will be the local and international designers who will fill the Fray Antonio de Montesinos Monument with splendor and creativity.

During a meeting held at the Maraca restaurant, which brought together designers, influencers and special guests, Claudia Zuleta, creative director of the 2021 edition, expressed that it is an honor to represent an event that is so important for the fashion industry in the Dominican Republic.

“My career has led me to go to different countries and has allowed me to see how important it is to give opportunities to emerging talents, because there may be many talented people, but it is necessary to give them opportunities in this type of platforms so they can show it,” she said.

She also thanked the entire Dominican Republic Fashion Week team for trusting in her work to carry out such an important task and for always promoting fashion in the country.

On her side, Melkis Díaz, executive director of the event, said that the enthusiasm has taken over the entire team that accompanies her to make Dominican Fashion Week a reality after the recess forced by the time of the pandemic.

“On this occasion I am proud to promote the creativity of the designers who with their talent put our country brand on high by exposing with their pieces the history, customs and culture of the Dominican Republic,” said Diaz.

Local and international designers
As in previous years, the twelfth edition of the event will feature presentations by local and international designers. Among the foreign designers are Alejandro Fajardo, from Venezuela; Gustavo Arango, from Puerto Rico; Efraín Mogollón, from Venezuela; Alfredo Martínez, from Mexico; Rosita Hurtado from Miami; Sebastián Grey, from Miami; Dayana León, from Venezuela; Indigo Studio, from Miami, José Enríquez, from New York; Mariana Ordosgoita, from Colombia and Kevin Rojas, from Costa Rica.

The Creoles who will display their art on the catwalk are Giannina Azar, Jose Jhan, Leonel Lirio, Michelle Reynoso, Miguel Genao, JC Lagares, Manelik Ortega, Bianna Candelario, Angie Polanco, Jazmin Serulle, Stiffany Lerebours and Gabriela Alvarez.

According to Diaz, the new generation of emerging talents that will participate are Tiffany Fermin, Maria Eugenia Jhones, Maria Fernanda Santana, Samantha Geisen, Maria Calderon, Elizabeth Espinal, Luisa Carrizo, Aurelia Batista, JC Shoes and Erick Lemus.

In closing, Diaz pointed out that República Dominicana Fashion Week allows us to project and promote the best of what is ours.

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