Summer 2008 on catwalks

2008 summer collections, a world tour

Melting-pot, globalization, crossbreeding… These concepts became familiar to us. So it’s not a surprise that the fashion world take power of them too.

From a collection to another, we travel in various lands that see their traditional costumes revisited and modernized by the designer wishes.

That’s how, Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermès mixes the maharajah turban and the nuptial sari in the shape and in the spirit.

The luxury subtlety of the pieces succeed in introducing the Hindu elegance in a rich Parisian locker room.

For Proenza Schouler, it’s the patterns that bring life to the Center Africa tribes arrays that came out.

Thanks to a brilliant reinterpretation of the African jewels and patterns, the duo succeeded in softening the theme.

The set is very urban and feminine at the occidental style, while it

leaves a soft travel perfume…                                                                                                  Matthew Williamson changes to pastel with Incas embroidery more used to flashy red colors.

Williamson, by associating soft colors and south-American art creates an alchemy that goes perfectly with the today tendencies.

If the dressings are more subtle than openly ethnical, it’s not the case of the jewels that show a true passion for the intercontinental jewelry arts.

For Christian Lacroix, bracelets accumulate on the same forearm. They play with diversity and contrasts.Concerning the necklaces, as warriors massai trophy they add spiciness to a rather sober dress code.

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