The 2008 glasses

2008 Glasses : Between futurists and regressives

The first apparitions of funky (between toy and revival eighties) glasses confirm what the Luella fashion show made us sense: the glasses 2008 will be geeky girl or will not be. Eyeglasses, sunglasses or simply used for pleasure, the glasses seem to want to become one of the `it´ accessory of the coming season.

We have to say that the spring/summer 2008 presentations have opened hitherto unsuspected horizons for glasses.

Martin Margiela, Marc Jacobs and Luella have proved us that the big glasses era may come to end, that the must was no longer to display oversize Gucci or Chanel, but much more to launch into ideational.

Truly futurist or deliciously regressive, the glasses are play or experimental. All the things we reproached them before, seems to have became the must of the actual design.

More stranger is the model more chances it haves to stick the nearest to the new tendency ! 

2008 Eyeglasses 2    2008 Eyeglasses

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