The mini-bag, a great fashion item

There is no middle ground: maxi or mini bags. The latter is a trend that more and more firms are joining, and women like Rihanna, Lizzo, Dakota Fanning, Georgina Rodriguez or Gigi Hadid have not hesitated and adapt it to their day to day.

A flirtatious accessory with which the greats of fashion manage to reduce the needs of a woman to the essentials, because inside it does not go beyond the credit card, cell phone and a lipstick or, depending on the times and the preferences of each one, instead of lipstick, mascara.

Little miniature jewels, increasingly tiny, that are transformed into small collector’s items. All of them have in common light chains that hang from the neck or are attached to the waist, bags that also adopt an elongated format, like a wallet.

They usually cross over the chest as a shoulder bag and models like Kendall Jenner or Alexa Chung use them both on big occasions and to enjoy a morning stroll.

French designer Jacquemus challenged the fashion world and the feminine world with his creations and mini bags that are already the hallmark of the brand, where the handles are larger than the capacity of its interior.

Fuchsia, intense oranges, chocolate, white, black or toasted tones in different versions, elongated, with handles or as a belt adjusted to the waist are the options proposed by the creator.

His design ‘La boîte à gateaux’ (The cookie box) is shaped like a candy box, a nod to his childhood, when, as he himself revealed, he sold lavender on the road in his grandmother’s cookie box.

A reason why he designed a leather bag in the shape of a candy box.

Armani also joins the trend with a reissue in mini version of its iconic Prima, which has launched in several colors, but the one made of leather with liquid patent leather decoration with glitter and metallic sparkles stands out.

In its spring-summer 2021 collection, Carolina Herrera has presented two extremes in the size of the bags. The smaller ones, with its logo on the front, are in intense tones, where orange is paramount, also in the accessories, which in the case of mini bags also adapts as a belt.Wes Gordon, the creative director of the firm designs ‘real’ garments, but also, he has said, articles that ‘unleash your imagination and your dreams’, as in this case.

True to Chanel, it is not difficult for the actress Diane Kruger, wearing jeans and a simple T-shirt, to wear a chain across her chest, from which a smaller version of the brand’s classic quilted belt emerges.

A trend that Louis Vuitton has joined by reissuing in mini version its classic ‘Twist’; a list to which it has added the ‘Boîte Chapeau’ (the hatbox, for its shape) Monogram canvas that serves as a modern jewel, which can be worn around the neck or crossed by a removable chain.

In its spring-summer 2021 collection, Prada joins the mini trend, ‘a compact and very feminine design’.

In the world of handbags, the time has come to optimize space. EFE

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