Tico designer to present collection at Dominican Republic Dominican Republic fashion week

Costa Rican designer will present his collection at the Dominican Republic Fashion Week.

The young Costa Rican designer, Kevin Rojas, will present his latest clothing collection at the “Dominican Republic Fashion Week”.

The event will take place in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo; and the designer intends to show in his catwalk all the Costa Rican talent that exists in fashion design.

Rojas said that the organization of the event contacted him after presenting his designs in the last “Costa Rica Fashion Week”. The invitation was made due to the quality, originality and diversity of all his garments.

“The Creative Designer of the event saw my collection and was very interested. That’s when she decided to invite me to present my collection at Fashion Week in the Dominican Republic,” said Kevin.

The collection he will present is called “Bloodshot” and is inspired by the blood moon, so most of his designs are in red and some variants of it.

The 25-year-old designer from San Antonio de Belen, says he is very happy and grateful to be able to bring his talent and represent Costa Rican design in this international platform.

“I feel very anxious, right now I am designing more garments of the collection because they asked me for them. I’m waiting for the moment to be able to show everything I did and leave Costa Rica on high,” said the designer.

Rojas has been characterized by using techniques that he learned empirically and thus became one of the most important young promises for national fashion.

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