Tips from an expert on how to look spectacular this summer

Dressing well at all times is a very good idea that is sometimes complicated by the low spirits caused by unfavorable temperatures and weather conditions, such as rainy days or the sweltering summer heat, who wants to be dressed?

However, dressing appropriately is a task that should not be complicated if we get the hang of it. On this occasion we take advantage of the tips given by image consultant Lina Diaz, which are oriented to How to dress in hot weather? The same weather we always have in the Dominican Republic and extreme in these summer times:

I. Fabrics are key. Yes, you should choose those that absorb moisture while allowing air to enter, linen, cotton, rayon, chambray and silk will be your allies to make you comfortable without losing your panache. The expert’s recommendation is that you dare not even think about fabrics such as polyester, leather, nylon, acrylic, leather and wool.

II. The outfits exalt you. The idea is to project freshness, comfort and elegance, to achieve this you can rely without fear in the sets made in the fabrics that we indicate, without much structure, that have looseness and allow the skin to the air.

III. Wear pieces according to your silhouette. Knowing the trick of using optical illusions is a tool that will help you at all times, choose pieces and accessories that highlight what you understand is your strength and remove from attention what you want to go unnoticed.


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