Zara’s feminine Lookbook 2010

An elegantly relaxed look

The Spanish brand Zara introduced its new lookbook for women sets to be used all year of course !

Zara Lookbook 2010 02 Zara Lookbook 2010 01

It is an elegant look a little adventurer that offers Zara. While the tones are very neutral, cuts of clothes and the way they are combined give them a unique advantage.

Zara Lookbook 2010 03 Zara Lookbook 2010 04

The main color is brown, occasionally lighted up by touches coral, white or sky blue colors.

Zara Lookbook 2010 06 Zara Lookbook 2010 05

The one side braid hairstyle is the must-have for this spring, bringing a touch of romance or adventure according to the sets of clothes.

Zara Lookbook 2010 07 Zara Lookbook 2010 08

The trousers are wide, all stature and are adorned with belts, sarouels or carrots style, whichever you prefer, and shorts should be used as often as possible.

Zara Lookbook 2010 09 Zara Lookbook 2010 10

Shirts and blazers are widely used also, lovingly unbuttoned and unstructured for a stylish and relaxed look, with a little preppy style.

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