Air services agreement between DR and China provides for customs exemptions

An agreement, signed between the Dominican Republic and the People’s Republic of China, on civil air transportation services, provides for exemptions from customs duties, charges, fees and other levies for equipment and articles used by aircraft.

It also establishes that both parties will give authorizations for airlines to have the right to vote without landing on the territory of the other party, to make non-commercial stops at previously established points for different purposes.

The agreement was deposited by the Executive Power on November 22 and sent to the Permanent Commission of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation of the Senate on November 23, according to Diario Libre.

Article 12 on taxes and customs charges establishes that when an aircraft, within the framework of the agreement, arrives in the territory of the other party, its regular equipment, spare parts (including engines), fuels (introduced in the territory of the other party and retained on board the aircraft, at its entry and exit) and the storages it transports, such as food, beverages and tobacco will be exempt on the basis of reciprocity from duties, taxes, inspection fees and other similar fees and charges.

Also, in Article 2, the agreement provides that the designated airlines of each party shall enjoy the rights to fly through its territory without landing on the territory of the other party through the air routes described by the aeronautical authorities of the other party.

Also, that they shall have the right to make non-commercial stops at established points in the territory of the other party and to make stops to take on board or disembark air transit passengers, baggage, cargo and mail originating in or destined for the first party.

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