CNF streamlines air passenger mobility

José Ernesto Marte Piantini, president of the National Facilitation Committee (CNF), a body attached to the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), met with all authorities involved in air transport in the country to promote and facilitate air transport of the Dominican Republic with other States, in compliance with the provisions of Article 265 of the Dominican Civil Aviation Act and Decree 746-08.

During the meeting he highlighted the fundamental role of all parties involved, airlines, airports and other key players, to ensure a consistent and efficient implementation of Annex 9 on Air Transport Facilitation in the Dominican Republic.

He explained the importance of harmonization in the facilitation processes, and that these are crucial to improve the passenger experience, in order to reduce procedures that allow a smooth transit of passengers, aircraft, crews, cargo and mail.

He emphasized that Facilitation is essential for efficient civil aviation. “This 2024, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Annex 9, we allow ourselves to reflect on the achievements made, achievements that drive us to continuously improve.”

He added that the current management is committed to continuous improvement so that aviation remains an engine of connectivity and progress of the Government headed by President Luis Abinader.

In this regard, the president of the JAC and CNF, reported that on the occasion of the Year of Facilitation, is currently working to support all facilitation practices that contribute to environmental sustainability and promote the use of technologies that improve the passenger experience by airport terminals.

The expert of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), José Durán, gave a joint report with the Director General of Passports, Mrs. Digna Reynoso, on the status of the establishment of the electronic reading passport in the Dominican Republic, declared of high national interest by President Luis Abinader, through Decree No.438-22.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Public Health made an intervention in which Arturo Berges, presented the advances of the Emergency Health Plan of Important Diseases in Travelers and the measures carried out through this ministry. In addition to the communications carried out with other organizations that have an impact on airport terminals.

Meanwhile, the Vice-Minister of Agricultural Extension of the Ministry of Agriculture, Darío Vargas, gave a brief presentation on agricultural quarantine services at airports and Arlington Durán, from the Directorate of Immigration, reported on the progress of the Protocol of the Passenger Registration System at airport terminals.

Finally, Manuel Enrique Abbott, in charge of the Facilitation Division of the JAC, presented the indicators of compliance with Annex 9, Air Transport Facilitation in the Dominican Republic.

During his speech, he pointed out the development of the workshop program aimed at updating the knowledge and skills of civil aviation professionals in the field of facilitation, as an example, he cited the workshop “Fundamentals of Accessibility in the Processes of Passenger Facilitation at Airports”, aimed at the staff of the various institutions and organizations that make up the airport community and that play a key role in the facilitation of air transport.

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