DR to eliminate taxes on domestic flights to boost tourism from the South

During a meeting with more than 100 travel agents, tour operators, airline representatives and investors from the hotel sector in Miami (Florida, United States) with the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, the taxes on flights was a common factor among the comments.

In this regard, Collado explained to those present that the issue “has already been discussed with President Luis Abinader”.

“The President of the Republic just authorized me two or three weeks ago to remove the tax on internal flights and this is going to energize Barahona, it is going to energize the South,” Collado responded to Ramona Sterling, a travel agent.

In addition, he said that “The measure seeks that through these flights, people who go to the Eastern region can visit other destinations for several days and the rest of the hotels and cities of the country will receive a greater flow of foreign tourists”.

On her side, Rosario Pacello, manager of Skyway Travel, said that the authorities should also take into consideration the high taxes applied to international travel and the high cost of the airport, as this was the argument of the Brazilian airline Gol, widely used by its clients, when they withdrew approximately two years ago from the Dominican market.

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