Flights from Barquisimeto to Panama and Dominican Republic to begin in May

The Vice-President for Public Works and Services, Néstor Reverol, announced the opening of international flights from the Juan Jacinto Lara Airport in Barquisimeto to Panama and the Dominican Republic.

In the month of May, routes to Panama and the Dominican Republic will start operating”, informed Reverol this Wednesday, during the installation of the First National Congress of Public Services in the capital city of Barquisimeto, according to AVN.

He emphasized that this is one of the services that will be optimized in the country, both land and air transportation, national and international.

He said that as well as these transportation services, electricity, potable water, domestic gas, gasoline supply and telecommunications, among other public services, will also be optimized.

He warned that international coercive measures against the country have particularly affected public services.

We have opened a debate of knowledge together with the people” to advance in the optimization of public services, said Reverol during the installation of the First National Congress of Public Services.

The Congress is being held this year in different states of the country with the purpose of advancing in the improvement of public services during 2022.

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