Iberia to increase its weekly flights to the Dominican Republic to 9 flights a week

Iberia will recover this summer 2022 85% of the capacity it offered in 2019, provided that the evolution of the current socio-political context allows it. Specifically, it will operate up to 340 weekly long-haul flights, 220 with Latin America and another 120 between Europe and the North Atlantic.

With the projections, it will also recover a good part of the frequencies it offered in its main Latin American markets, and will already reach 220 weekly flights in July and August.

In the Caribbean, it will reach nine weekly flights to the Dominican Republic in July and August, and in Cuba it will increase its offer to four weekly flights.

Starting in June, it will offer 19 weekly flights to Mexico, which is very close to the three daily flights it operated before the pandemic. In Colombia, it exceeds pandemic capacity with two daily flights (four more than in 2019), and in Argentina it will also reach two daily in July and August.

With Peru, Chile and Brazil Iberia consolidates its flight daily, with Ecuador it will also be seven flights a week, four to Quito and another three to Guayaquil, and with Uruguay it will offer between four and five weekly flights.

In Central America, it maintains its operation with direct flights to Costa Rica (up to six weekly flights), Guatemala-El Salvador (four weekly flights) and Panama (up to five weekly flights).

In addition, the airline will reach pre-pandemic levels in Europe and its subsidiary Iberia Express will increase its capacity in the Balearic and Canary Islands by nearly 30% over 2019.

The United States will be the country where it will deploy the largest capacity: in the summer season it will increase from six to nine destinations with more than 120 weekly flights between Spain and the US.

Also, starting in June, the airline will launch the route to Washington that it announced before the pandemic, to which it will add Dallas and the recovery of San Francisco. In addition, it is increasing flights to Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and New York.


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