IDAC: “We broke records with more than 5,000 flights in January”

More than 5,000 flight operations were registered by the International airports of the Dominican Republic during last January, in which 730,000 tourists of different nationalities arrived according to data offered by the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC).

Héctor Porcella, acting director of the IDAC, explained that January saw the highest number of flight operations in recent months with 5,100 international flights.

He added that Punta Cana International Airport was the terminal with the highest passenger flow followed by Las Americas International Airport, Jose Francisco Pena Gomez (AILA).

“But we broke records, because we had more than 5,000 thousand flight operations through all airports in relation to previous months” he expressed.

Regarding the airlines, he pointed out that during this period, 140 airlines arrived and departed with regular flight operations from the different airport terminals of the country.

The IDAC director also described January as a successful month for commercial aviation and for the Dominican Republic in terms of flight operations and passenger movement.

New airlines

Regarding the new airlines, Porcella declared that some 7 commercial passenger airlines are in the certification and rectification phases of the IDAC, awaiting their approval to operate flights to and from the DR.

Porcella explained that of the seven airlines that are requesting approval to operate commercial flights, four of them are in the process of recertification.

He added that these are airlines that already have their Air Operator’s Certificate, but not in force and have to be recertified again by the IDAC, according to Listin Diario.

“This means that there is a lot of confidence in the aeronautical sector of the Dominican Republic and that the investment of capitals of local and foreign businessmen continues with the same rhythm as in the previous years”, he said.

He emphasized that for this year 2023 there is a very flattering expectation in the aspect of new incorporations of new airlines in the country, which will contribute to the expansion of the connectivity and with them to the increase in the flow of national passengers and tourists.

Referring to the advantages that will represent for the country, the incorporation of these new airlines that are in the process of certification and rectification, he said that they will contribute to the Dominicans who travel abroad and to those who reside in the United States and in other destinations to enjoy being connected with these new routes.

Although he did not specify the names of the new airlines that are in the process of certification, he said that the departments of the organism that have to do with the approval of these national and foreign air transport companies are working diligently in the process of certification and rectification of the same.


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