Presidency informs that fuel prices have been frozen

The Dominican government informed this afternoon that fuel prices will remain unchanged during the week of February 19-25.

The information with the governmental disposition was communicated by Homero Figueroa, director of Strategy and Communication of the government, with a message posted on his account on the social network Twitter.

That data emerges as interesting because it is the first time that the Government Communications Directorate assumes the spokesmanship of the fuel price status, something that has historically been done by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

“Government allocates RD$610 million to contain the hikes of almost RD$40 in fuels. This due to the increase in oil, which this week traded at an average of US$92.83 per barrel,” the spokesperson wrote on his Twitter account.

Minutes after the announcement made by the Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce posted on its social networks a video with its vice minister Ramon Perez Fermin, of internal commerce, who week after week is the one who communicates the decision on fuel values.

The current fuel prices will thus serve three weeks with the same values:

Premium gasoline = 287.60
Regular gasoline = 270.50
Optimum diesel = 236.10
Regular diesel = 217.60
Liquefied Gas = 147.60


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