Country achieves Guinness World Record for largest mangú in the world

The Dominican Republic obtained this Friday a Guinness Record for making and serving the largest mangú in the world.

This was announced Friday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic (MIREXRD) through its Twitter account.

“Today we thank the renowned Dominican chefs: Ibero-American Ambassador of Culture, Maria Marte, Amilkar Gonell and Pamela Gonell and every Dominican who were part of this great feat,” the publication quotes.

In the images it can be seen that “the biggest mangú in history” is served in an aluminum mold shaped like the map of the Dominican Republic.

It is filled with the well-known typical dish of the country, which is made from mashed green plantains, together with other condiments that result in a smooth and exquisite texture.

The huge mangú is covered with a layer of diced onion, an indispensable vegetable in this aphrodisiac and characteristic food of the country.

“It fills us with pride to have professionals in the culinary art that exalt the name of our country. It is with great joy that we share the news that the DR continues to make history,” says the institution in its message.

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